We make retail our business.

Our retail specialists know that the focus of a successful shopping center is not on real estate, but on retail sales

– and that depends on maintaining the right tenant mix. We’ve learned from experience with local and national tenants that when they do well, so do shopping center owners and investors. We have developed a national network of tenant relationships and are well versed in the myriad details that are essential to retail leasing and management, including market research, negotiation strategies, construction coordination and financial analysis.
We currently lease and manage nearly 3 million square feet of retail space.

Tenant Representation

Our retail team is highly experienced in locating your ideal space and negotiating the best deal for you. Our market knowledge and technology infrastructure give us an advantage in researching and locating potential sites. As a member of Site Source and with individual memberships in ICSC, we are well connected regionally, nationally and globally. We can offer you detailed, in- depth information on local, regional and national properties.
We create an action plan based on your specific needs that includes market surveys, property tours, collection and evaluation of proposals and lease negotiations. We provide financial and comparative analysis on all deals and have experience in lease review and lease analysis in order to fully represent your interests.
We leverage our relationships with landlords in this market, keeping track of current lease and sale comparables, and using a coherent strategy that creates competition among the various negotiating partners, in order to promote the best deal for you.

Partial Tenant Representation List


Landlord Representation

We utilize all the tools and technology at our disposal to list and market your shopping center. Marketing for each listing is customized so that information is presented to prospects in the most compelling way.
We maintain a consistent presence online and in local newspapers and trade publications. In addition, we create and distribute brochures, direct mail pieces and e-mail campaigns to a wide range of potential tenants, buyers and brokers. Our team maintains relationships with other industry brokers and prospects.
Our interactive operating platform powered by Realcore enables us to track deals, renewals and activity in real time across the portfolio. Included in this system is the ability to share access with property owners and aggregate important documents relating to your property in the cloud, providing 24×7 access to information.